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French Polynesia  June 2017 – ?


June 2017 – open end


Wow. Here we are in paradise at the other side of the world and no time to write.
The whales just arrived: a mother humpback whale with it's calf yesterday just behind the corals reef close to Maharepa and Titony has the best job: as a captain he is doing island tours for tourists every day: they go swimming with whales, sharks, rays, see dolphins and underwater sculptures so called "tikis".
Our arrival on the island couldn't have been more fluid: 1 day we meet "coco", the guardian at the marina and talked for a while with him, mentioning at the end that we are searching a house to rent. Turned out he had two more houses to rent, without hesitating we jumped in the back of his old pick-up, 400 m down the road we turned into a dirt road. When we saw the house and the backyrad with coconut trees, a mangotree and papayatree, we fell in love with instantely. Excatly what we were searching for, 3 days later we moved in.

More coming soon!

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