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»To travel is to live«


said Hans Christian Andersen once in his Autobiography. For us it is very true, we can't saty too long in one place without feeling the urge to travel, to explore, to move.

This "blog" is about our journeys around the world. We are a french-german couple, Esther and Titony and we are kind of modern nomads: we simply don't want to live and work in one place.

Titony is working wherever he can get a working visa and is doing everything from climbing guide, fruit picker, juggler, servant in a casino, prep cook, waiter, aquaculture farmer, construction worker, installation of solar panels, dog sledding guide – to name a few!

I am a freelance graphic designer, I am designing books and infographics for my clients from all over the world, the few things I need to work is my creativity, my laptop and internet.
With a backpack and lots of curiosity we try to get as close as possible insight in different cultures, live the daily life of the people there, hike through lots of divers landscapes and try to learn as many languages as possible. (German, French, English fluently and beginner in Dutch and Spanish, so far)

We started our journeys together in july 2013 in France, then november 2013 we went to Peru, from there to Martinique in february 2014, june 2014 to Canada, after almost a year travelling in this huge country we went to Hawaii in may 2015 and in june 2015 we returned to Germany and France. Our next plans are to go back to Martinique in January 2016, when Titony has completed his captains' license and then we'll see ...


Have fun reading this blog,!

Titony and Esther

All photohgraphs,

if not otherwise marked,
© Esther Gonstalla and

Anthony Bosquet

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