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Hi! I'm Esther Gonstalla.
This is my travel logbook, since 2013
I am traveling the world as a digital nomad, working as a 
freelance infographic-designer and author of environmental books.


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France 2013
4 month road tripping across the
country, where everything started...

Montalivet – a small french surf-village at atlantic coast with beautiful long beaches and surrounded by pine forests. I lived here since April and from June 2013 on in a surf-van directly behind the dunes. Thats where we met and where we start this blog since it is the beginning of our journeys together.

Starting in Lima, we soon went up with a bus to Trujillo and Huanchaco, then Mancora in the far north and from there back down south and over the 5000m high Andes into the tropical rainforest. We boarded a transportation ship and went on for 3 days on the Amazonas River to Iquitos...



Peru 2013-2014
our first journey abroad together, 3 month road-tripping all over the country, from November to January
Martinique 2014
living the carribean dream,
5 month in paradise


After the long vacation in Peru, we needed to make some money again to keep on travelling, and since our next destination was Canada, but we were still waiting for the working visa, we decided to live a couple of month somewhere in between: on the french carribean island Martinique. We met 3 friends from France there and almost immediately felt like home, The best experience ever: swimming with a dolphin who happend to take a rest "floating" around our friends sailing boat in the bay of


Swimming with a dolphin - video

Canada 2014 -2015
1 year in the forest with grizzlys,
whales, huskys, rocky mountains,
wild rivers and calm lakes


Dogsledding - Tour - Video

France 2015
6 month living, working, meeting old friends, making new friends and surfing at the south-west coast. Monatlivet, Dordogne and the Island "Ile d'Oléron" 


Finally in the warm again: beach, surfing, sunburns, fishing, hiking, meeting locals, snorkeling, couchsurfing all the time, sleeping in a boat, car broke down in the middle of the night, went 100 ft deep with a submarine, saw giant dotted rays, swam with huge sea turtels...

Hawaii 2015
2 weeks exploring the island of O'ahu, 
surfing, snorkeling, fishing, couchsurfing


Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-24 um 12.02.41
Martinique 2016 – 2017
back to Martinique, living on a sailingboat, going snorkeling and kayaking almost every day... the good life!

The first six month we were living on a sailingboat anchoring in Sainte-Anne, while Titony worked as a traditional fishermen. In July 2016 we moved back to land into an appartment with a stunning view and Titony works now as deckhand and cook on a catamaran for a charter company, cruising through the Grenadines.


Swimming around the boat - Video

Esther riding the white horse - by Dibel 'Air Vidéo

Titony at work - Video


French Polynesia
2017 – 2018
we stayed 1 year on the paradise-like island Moorea: swimming with whales, sharks and admiring the underwater life: a dream! But like all dreams you gotta wake up and leave one day...

All photohgraphs,

if not otherwise marked,
© Esther Gonstalla and

Anthony Bosquet

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